Please bear in mind that, while the Idyllwild Shuttle is a free service, we do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone failing to observe these courteous and customary expectations:


  • Respectful treatment of the driver
  • Respectful treatment of other riders
  • Maintenance of personal hygiene
  • Wearing of shirts and shoes at all times
  • Use of seat belts at all times


  • Offensive language directed at the driver
  • Offensive language directed at riders
  • Aggressive verbal or physical behavior toward driver
  • Aggressive verbal or physical behavior toward riders
  • The use of drugs or alcohol
  • Smoking or vaping of any kind
  • Playing loud music
  • Throwing objects from the windows

If you need to report a violation of these rules, or have any questions or comments about your experience with the Idyllwild Shuttle, please contact the Idyllwild Shuttle Service Manager at