Labor Day Weekend Yard Sale • Set Up Thursday

The tables are up! Thanks Sandi, Audrey, Tim, Art, Pat, Reba, Avianna, Yvonne and Ray!

Come help set up for the Yard Sale tomorrow at 10 a.m., corner of Fern Valley Road and San Jacinto. We will sort, price, set up, enjoy the day, and look forward to Friday and Saturday.

No potluck this week, but bring a picnic for yourself. We’ll break for dinner at 5:30 if there’s still still work to do.


Labor Day Yard Sale

Labor Day is coming up this weekend and it’s our last chance to hold a yard sale and earn a few dollars.  Please go through your closets, cupboards, and storage areas to see if you have items that you no longer use that you would like to donate.  It is all for a good cause – no, a GREAT cause!  We will have our senior center yet.
The sale will be at Sandi Wilke’s lot on the corner on Fern Valley and San Jacinto.  We still have our boat, trailer, motor and Arrowtow trailer to sell, along with miscellalneous furniture, a drafting table with tools, clothing, books, etc.  You can drop your donations off there or call for a pickup.  We need all the help we can get – particulary manpower to help set up.  We will be getting tables from Town Hall on Wednesday.
Sandi   (951) 659-5742
Reba    (951) 288-2002